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Champagne CH. de L_AUCHE Brut Rosé DET (1).png

Champagne / Reims

Ch. de L'Auche

Cuvée Rosé Brut

85% Pinot Meunier, of which 15% vinified in red, and 15% Pinot Noir.

Elegant. Floral. Fruity.

This Rosé wine comes from a blend of Pinot Meunier (75%) and Pinot Noir (25%), of which a part is vinified in red.

This is a wine that has an elegance that envelops the senses and develops as you savor it. It constantly brings you back into its initial floral, fruity note, which combines beautifully with a balanced flow between acidity and flavor.

Add sophistication to any course on your menu, this wine goes beautifully with everything from meats, to spicy foods, to pasta dishes, or as an aperitif.

It's the perfect wine to share with friends, with tasty appetizers or as part of a fruity cocktail. Great match with pizza, fried food, Asian and Middle Eastern cousins. Last but not least pop it open with cakes for celebrating nice occasions.

1 star Guide Hachette
Gold Medal, Prix + Plaisir - Bettane + Desseauve 2019 


Champagne / Reims

Prestige des Sacres

Cuvée Privilege Brut

Candied fruit. Flowers. Citrus.

The Cuvée Privilège is a 2008 vintage — the equal combination of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.  The long stay on the lees leads to a perfect synergy of the two berries.  Fine bubbles meet you and from the very first moment, the scent draws you into a sublime first sip.


Aromas of candied fruit and flowers, with notes of citrus fruits, make it an ideal and refined accompaniment to important events.


This also pairs extremely well with oysters and other types of seafood, fish, cheese, caviar, and as part of a full dining experience.

d.arlemont1 (2).png

Champagne / Reims

H. D'Arlemont


Mineral. Floral. Unique. Fruity.

For this Cuvée, black berries from the vineyards between the regions of Janvry, Getmigny and Rosnay have been selected. This terroir provides grapes (three vintages of Pinot Meunier at 85% and Pinot Noir at 15%) that are uniquely flavorsome.


The fragrance brings fresh notes of minerality, citrus fruits, unripe red fruits, white flowers, lime, bread crust and nuances of yeast. At the palate, mineral and savory notes enhance the structure with a final note of ripe fruit to round out and reveal the completeness of this unique Champagne.

This wine has been rested on the lees for three years with three months in the cellar after dégorgement to enhance the complexity of its flavor.


Sparkling / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Crémant Cuvée de la Cathédral Brut

Apple. Pear. Fruity. White Flowers. Fragrant.

Unmistakably complex, this Crémant has a freshness that finishes with a delicate sharpness, complemented by vibrant, fine bubbles.  The blend of Pinot Blanc and Auxerrois make this an extraordinary example of wine.

Elevated on the yeasts for 24 months from the second fermentation, this elegant wine has delicate yet persistent, fine bubbles.  Its beautiful yellow color is illuminated by these bubbles cords, that are bringing to the surface an aroma of apple, pear and white flowers.  To the palate, this Crémant brut is fresh and leaves you with a delicate, chiseled ending.

The Cuvée is the ideal partner for cheering at parties or simply the perfect match to enjoy during dinners or evenings. And can be easily enjoyed with charcuterie and cheese platters as well as with vegetables. Also a great option to go with sushi or pizza.

€ 1 per bottle is donated to the Opera Notre Dame Fondation to restructure the Strasbourg Cathedral.


Sparkling / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Crémant Héritage A.O.C.

Lively.  Floral.  Buttery.

Expect an exceptional example of an exciting, buttery, aromatic Crémant d'Alsace.

As with most Crémant d’Alsace, this wine blends a mix of white Alsace grapes, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay, and uses the customary Champagne method to create a bouncy yet delicate sparkling wine.

A sensory experience, you will be met with winding, delicate chains of bubbles before the floral and aromatic notes appear, alongside a light buttery flavor, which rounds out into a beautifully creamy experience.

This interesting mixture of flavor experiences is what makes Crémant Heritage so special - the perfect gift or surprise. It works well at a festive celebration with charcuterie, cheeses, and cakes. Or, pair it with a dining menu — soups, risottos, pasta, fish, seafood, white meat, and fried food. Also with dishes containing eggs, earth-flavored vegetables, and spicy foods.

Crt Dagobert Prestige.png

Sparkling / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Crémant Prestige Brut A.O.C.

Aromatic. Creamy. Floral.

This fragrant wine is made using the traditional champagne methods of the Alsace region. Pinot Blanc grapes  provide aromatic, floral notes and hints of burrata create a unique creamy sensation on the palate.

This is a lovely party wine and it works beautifully well with small dishes, such as sushi, tapas, or appetizers. It also matches with starchy or grilled dishes, as well as earthy vegetables, like onion, artichoke, asparagus, and mushroom.

If you're pairing this wine with a cheese platter, it makes a delightful accompaniment to goat's cheese. It works equally well with sweet and savory desserts, such as the traditional Alsace dessert, Kougelhopf.


Sparkling / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Crémant Le Jardin Trebogad Rosé A.O.C. Organic

Pétillant Naturel!

Natural. Light. Floral. Fruity.

The naturally occurring bubbles are a beautiful example of where a traditional French wine meets progressive, organic farming techniques.

As a Pétillant Naturel wine, it uses the oldest, ancestral method of making sparkling wine. It is a Crémant Rosé Brut obtained exclusively from organically farmed Pinot Nero grapes, certified by FR-BIO-01.

The pale pink color has slight bluish reflections and the bubbles are fine and light.  On the nose, delicate notes follow one another — peach blossoms, red fruits, wild strawberries and wild blackberries.

This wine is lovely as an aperitifs, or matched with appetizers, sushi, or chocolate desserts.

Brut de Charvis Method Traditionalle Brut.png

Sparkling / Burgundy

Brut de Charvis

Crémant Methode Traditionelle

Delicate. Smooth. Floral.

This is a Cuvée that has been carefully curated by the Cellar Master at every stage of production from prise de mousse, to maturation, to dégorgement and final preparation.

You can taste the care in the character of the wine. There's a sense of harmony between the grapes used: Airen, Ugni Blanc and Chardonnay, Chenin, Folle Blanche Colombard.

With its delicate golden color and light green highlights, Brut de Charvis is extremely pleasant to drink.

The fine bubbles release a scent of delicate flowers and fresh fruit, while the taste is smooth and refreshing.

It's the perfect wine to share with friends, with tasty appetizers or as part of a fruity cocktail. Great match with pizza, fried food, Asian and Middle Eastern cousins. Last but not least pop it open with cakes for celebrating nice occasions.

Solar Agnese Cuvee Bianco millesimato.png

Sparkling / Veneto

Solar Agnese

Cuvée Millesimato Brut

White flowers.  Acidity.  Fresh.

There is an intensity in this Cuvée, from its bright golden yellow appearance, to the balance between acidity and aroma.

This is why it pairs wonderfully with appetizers, first courses, white rice and risottos, white meats, fish and fresh or medium-aged cheeses.

It is a wine that is bouncy: the combination of delicate freshness, steady, lively bubbles and fragrant floral aromas create a truly interesting taste experience.  One that is balanced but also exciting.

Solar Agnese Cuvee Extra Dry millesimato.png

Sparkling / Veneto

Solar Agnese

Cuvée Millesimato Extra Dry

White flowers.  Peach.  Acacia.

Sometimes an evening calls for a sparkling wine that is full of vibrancy and character. This Cuvée Millesimato is exactly that.  Richly perfumed with white flowers and peach, as well as acacia, you will discover a little bit more with every sip. The visual interest of its bright, golden-yellow color brings you into an authentic example of how the character of Glera grapes are expertly used in wines.

In terms of pairings, this wine is a great savoury, all-rounder.  It works extremely well with freshly fried dishes, pasta and anything containing eggs.  A great option to enjoy a glass ​​with friends as an aperitivo or to celebrate a special occasion.


Sparkling / Veneto

Solar Agnese

Lolita Millesimato Cuvée Extra Dry

Floral. Fruity. Joy.

This North-East Italian Cuvée consists Glera grapes (Prosecco). It is  a beautifully structured and balanced wine. And it has been selected as the wine for a design collaboration with AmbreStudio. This is how Lolita label was born. Share a moment of joy popping this bottle in your parties and support the creativity of Claudia and her unique style.

Expect a fresh, floral, fruity to create a zingy, aromatic taste experience. The bright golden-yellow colour and steady stream of bouncy bubbles make it ideal for an aperitivo, but it also works well with delicate food, salads, sushi and fruits.

Solar Agnese Cuvee Extra Dry millesimato 2.png

Sparkling / Veneto

Solar Agnese

Cuvée Millesimato Extra Dry

Excellent structure. Floral. Fruity.

This North-East Italian Cuvée consists Glera grapes (Prosecco). It is  a beautifully structured and balanced wine.

Expect a fresh, floral, fruity to create a zingy, aromatic taste experience. The bright golden-yellow colour and steady stream of bouncy bubbles make it ideal for an aperitivo, but it also works well with delicate food, salads, sushi and fruits.

Pinot Gris Selection.png

White / Alsace

Cave du Roi Dagobert

Pinot Gris Sélection

Floral. Dried fruits. Fresh.

This golden wine is a charming, aromatic example of a Pinot Gris from the famed Alsace region. Floral notes of roses, dried apricots and lilies establish themselves at the nose.  On the palate, it is fresh and complex, which holds nicely at the finish. After few seconds, notes of dried fruits come back to surprise you.

Suggestions for pairing: savory crepes, savory pies, black pudding, lamb, beef carpaccio, veal ribs, turkey, herring marinated in cream, carbonara pasta, quiche, liver, gnocchi.


Red / Veneto

Villa Elena

Valpolicella Classico Superiore D.O.C.

55% Corvina, 30% Rondinella, 5% Molinara, 5% Negrara / Pelara, 5% Local autochthonous varieties.

Black Berries. Floral. Velvety.

Generations of winemakers come from the Negrar region, the terroir of this Valpolicella. You can taste the craftsmanship in the structure of this wine — it has a lovely elegance and velvety character.

The grapes were all harvested by hand. They were destemmed, pressed and left in the traditional maceration technique for 10 days in stainless steel vats. After the fermentation, the wine was softly pressed to separate it from the grape skins and refined in oak barrels for about 12 months.

Expect a "black forest" sensibility — in the red ruby color and the aroma of black cherry, blueberry and blackberry, as well as floral scents.

This wine pairs wonderfully with cheeses and dishes containing earthy-flavored vegetables such as mushrooms, asparagus and artichokes.


White / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Pinot Gris Jardin de Trebogad Organic

Sweet. Floral. Smoky.

This certified organic wine (FR-BIO-01) has a lovely balance of sweet and smoky. It has a beautiful sun-ripened pale yellow color that lends itself well to the lightness and finesse of this wine.

Floral notes of rose petals and dried fruit and a slight smoky scent are present on the nose. The mouth is sweet with a pleasant softness that leads to savory notes in the finish.

Pair this wine with appetizers, duck, beef carpaccio, frog, zander, leek quiche, fondue.

Gold Medal Colmar 2020

Pinot Blanc Tradition.png

White / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Pinot Blanc Tradition

Pear. Citrus. White Flowers.

This lovely light gold wine is great for every day. It's fruity and floral at the nose, delivering a pleasant experience straight away. There are aromas of apple, pear, citrus and white flowers on the palate that create an overall tasty wine that always delivers.

Try it with: salmon or quiche Lorraine, fish with white butter, onion pie, pasta, risotto, and vegetables.

Pinot Blanc Slection.png

White / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Pinot Blanc Sélection

Ripe fruit. Sweet. Yellow flowers. Balanced.

This Pinot Bianco from the Sélection range is vinified with carefully selected grapes, chosen from vineyards curated by the winery's oenologist.

The bright, crystal gold appearance gives way to aromas of yellow flowers, white peaches and apricots. On the palate it is fresh and frank, balanced with aromas of ripe fruit.

There's a sweetness to the finish that lingers beautifully and pairs well with savory foods: vol-au-vent, salmon croutons, cold cuts, grilled fish, capon, roast veal, onion pie.

Gold Medal Paris 2020

Riesling Trad.png

White / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Riesling Tradition

Crisp. Floral. Citrus.

This is a classic Riesling with its beautiful golden yellow color and bright reflection. Expect notes of floral, fresh citrus and a minerality at the nose.

The palate is fresh — this is an honest wine that meets you with a crisp acidity and a lively, balanced finish.

Pairing suggestions: cold appetizers, Russian salad, vegetables with acrid notes: asparagus, onion, artichoke, mushroom, snail, crab claw, Lorraine quiche, goat cheese, pizza.


White / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Pinot Blanc Jardin de Trebogad Organic

Elegant. White Flowers. Acacia.

Organic grapes often bring a more natural, authentic flavor to wine and that is certainly true with this Pinot Blanc, certified FR-BIO-01.

Its beautiful straw-gold color with reflections of green invites you into sample the notes of white flowers and acacia at the nose. At the palate, it is fresh and floral, but with a precision to its finish that lends a true elegance to this wine.

Drink it with oysters, fish, such as sole fillet with butter, and shellfish, such as pink prawns. It also pairs wonderfully with lamb chops, quiche Lorraine, salty Kougelhopf, medium-aged cheeses and pizza.

Gewurtztraminer Wolxheim.png

White / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Riesling Grand Cru Altenberg Wolxheim

Balanced. Floral. Fruity.

The intense yellow, color tells you about the maturity of this Riesling, derived from the Wolxheim fault field of the Alsace region. This area, and its mineral subsoil is known for creating wines that have great ageing potential and a powerful and harmonious body.

Expect a succession of notes at the nose: floral, yellow peach, apricot, pear. These bring you through to a fresh, delicate taste with traces of the floral and fruity aromas. The Riesling closes with a beautiful note of minerality that lingers.

You can drink this Riesling with all kinds of flavorsome dishes: Chinese hotpot, oysters, bouillabaisse, caviar, sauerkraut, couscous, flambé prawns, mussels, zander, sweet and salted desserts.

GerwurztraminerJardin Trebogad bio 2018.png

White / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Gewürztraminer Jardin de Trebogad Organic

Fresh. Lychee. Rose petals.

This golden yellow Organic Gewürztraminer with its striking yellow reflections has a certain complexity to it, with notes of lychee, rose and dried flowers at the nose.

At the palate, it is fresh with an honest, frank start. It has a sense of elegance at the center of the mouth that rounds out into very fine notes of rose petals to finish. This wine is made from organic grapes, certified FR-BIO-01.

Suggestions for pairing: aperitif, cocktail dinner, fruit dessert, international cuisine such as spicy food, Asian food, Middle Eastern, curried mussels, vegetables, cheeses, and kougelbopf.


White / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Gewürztraminer Le Jardin de Dagobert Organic

Rose.  Dried Flowers.  Exotic fruit. Natural.

This organic Gerwurztraminer's golden yellow color, transports you to "le Jardin" with its luxuriously delicate flavor bouquet.  Enjoy the fragrance of yellow rose, dried flowers, exotic fruits, and lychee.

A fresh, honest, drop, the taste evolves and brings you into an elegant journey until the very last note of rose petals.

The grapes in this organic range, "le Jardin de Dagobert", are sourced from vignerons who only use all-natural products in their vineyard.  The wines are made following the European ordinance for organic viticulture.

This is the kind of complex bouquet that goes perfectly with cheese and charcuterie, cakes and desserts.


White / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Gewürztraminer Cave Historique Hospice Strasbourg

Aromatic. Vibrant. Spicy.

There is something really special about this wine: its ageing is done in oak barrel in the Cave Historique of the Hospice of Strasbourg, which give this wine its uniquely rich color. Ageing in this Cave is a privilege only granted to select wines believed to have exceptional taste potential.

This is a very selective production, endorsed by Alsace Oenologists. The aroma and taste are typical of a Gewurztraminer.  Exotic, floral and spicy notes create a vibrant, energetic taste journey, ending on the palate in a well rounded taste experience.

Pair with aperitif food, desserts, and earthy-flavored vegetables, such as mushrooms and artichokes, asparagus.  Or, let the spicier and fresher notes become more vivid and satisfying with Asian cuisine, as well as fresh or aged cheese.


White / Burgundy


Sauvignon Blanc

White fruits.  Blackcurrant flowers.  Citrus. Mineral.

The special type of limestone found in the North of Burgundy (Auxerre) gives this wine its softness and fragrant aromas.  White fruits and a hint of fresh herbs make this wine perfectly suited to summer meals of asparagus, seafood and goat's cheese. 


There's a definite stamp of minerality in the Sauvignon Blanc, bringing to life the terroir in which the grapes were grown.  This is a wine steeped in history and character.  Each day, the Bailly-Lapierre Cellar Master attends to the bottles in the cool, semi- darkness of their ancient quarry, developing each of the special flavor notes you can find in this wine.


White / Veneto

Eclissi L’una Bianca

Chardonnay I.G.T. delle Venezie

Floral. Citrus. Fullness.

Expect a refined taste to this Chardonnay, with its pleasantly floral, fruity bouquet. It has a rich fullness on the palate with a well-balanced acidity that brings out the notes of white flowers and wisteria.

You'll find that this Chardonnay has a long, intense aftertaste with citrus notes — a fantastic wine to have an aperitif, with appetizers and first courses, fish dishes, vegetables and slightly seasoned cheeses.


White / Veneto

Eclissi L’una Bianca

Pinot Grigio I.G.T. delle Venezie

Wildflowers. Peaches. Citrus.

This is a charming example of a Pinot Grigio. It's beautiful golden color lead you into a lingering, fruity aroma with lovely floral notes reminiscent of wildflowers, peaches, and citrus.

You'll find a balance of softness and acidity that give this wine an elegant refinement that pairs well with light appetizers, fish, shellfish, minestrone, and white meats. It also goes extremely with raw ham, such as Parma ham.


White / Veneto

Eclissi L’una Bianca

Tai I.G.T. delle Venezie

Wildflowers. Sweet Almond. Aromatic Herbs.

This is an interesting wine, full of complexity, but one which doesn't overpower a meal. Its bouquet is intense and delicate, with hints of wildflowers, yellow apple, sweet almond and notes of fresh aromatic herbs.

It has a lingering freshness owing to its slightly mineral, balanced acidity. Pair this wine with asparagus, fish, shellfish, risotto, spaghetti, or a herby omelette. It also works wonderfully with Parma ham and finger food, or to accompany a cheese platter.

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