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Recommended serving temperature: 7° C

Bouteille: 0,750 lt.

11% Vol.

Solar Agnese | Cuvée Millesimato Extra Dry

PriceFrom €6.80
Excluding VAT

100% Glera
White flowers. Peach. Acacia.

Sometimes an evening calls for a sparkling wine that is full of vibrancy and character. This Cuvée Millesimato is exactly that.  Richly perfumed with white flowers and peach, as well as acacia, you will discover a little bit more with every sip. The visual interest of its bright, golden-yellow color brings you into an authentic example of how the character of Glera grapes are expertly used in wines.


In terms of pairings, this wine is a great savoury, all-rounder.  It works extremely well with freshly fried dishes, pasta and anything containing eggs.  A great option to enjoy a glass ​​with friends as an aperitivo or to celebrate a special occasion.

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