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Recommended serving temperature: 8-9° C

Bottle: 0.750 lt.

12% Vol.

Champagne | Ch. de L'Auche | Cuvée Rosé Brut

PriceFrom €42.00
Excluding VAT

Elegant. Floral. Fruity.


This Rosé wine comes from a blend of Pinot Meunier (75%) and Pinot Noir (25%), of which a part is vinified in red.


This is a wine that has an elegance that envelops the senses and develops as you savor it. It constantly brings you back into its initial floral, fruity note, which combines beautifully with a balanced flow between acidity and flavor.


Add sophistication to any course on your menu, this wine goes beautifully with everything from meats, to spicy foods, to pasta dishes, or as an aperitif.

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