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Recommended serving temperature: 8-10 °C

Bottle: 0,750 lt.

13% Vol.

Cave du Roi Dagobert | Pinot Gris Sélection

PriceFrom €14.50
Excluding VAT

Floral. Dried fruits. Fresh.


This golden wine is a charming, aromatic example of a Pinot Gris from the famed Alsace region. Floral notes of roses, dried apricots and lilies establish themselves at the nose.  On the palate, it is fresh and complex, which holds nicely at the finish. After few seconds, notes of dried fruits come back to surprise you.


Suggestions for pairing: savory crepes, savory pies, black pudding, lamb, beef carpaccio, veal ribs, turkey, herring marinated in cream, carbonara pasta, quiche, liver, gnocchi.

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