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Recommended serving temperature: 8° C

Bouteille: 0.750 1t.

12% Vol.

Brut de Charvis | Crémant Methode Traditionelle

PriceFrom €13.50
Excluding VAT

Delicate. Smooth. Floral.


This is a Cuvée that has been carefully curated by the Cellar Master at every stage of production from prise de mousse, to maturation, to dégorgement and final preparation.


You can taste the care in the character of the wine. There's a sense of harmony between the grapes used: Airen, Ugni Blanc and Chardonnay, Chenin, Folle Blanche Colombard.


With its delicate golden color and light green highlights, Brut de Charvis is extremely pleasant to drink.


The fine bubbles release a scent of delicate flowers and fresh fruit, while the taste is smooth and refreshing.


It's the perfect wine to share with friends, with tasty appetizers or as part of a fruity cocktail. Great match with pizza, fried food, Asian and Middle Eastern cousins. Last but not least pop it open with cakes for celebrating nice occasions.

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