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Social mission

The ROYALE CONFRERIE PRESTIGE DES SACRES pays homage to the ‘Giornata della cuvee d’onore’— an annual festival held in the 18th and 19th Centuries that spread the spirit of solidarity among the various associations of the winemaking industry. Vignerons and royal suppliers came together in the cathedral of Reims to take part in the ancient art of opening bottles of champagne in very unique ways. On January 22, every year, each winemaker’s “honor” Cuvée was opened with the likes of a glass, a hoof, vineyard tools, or simply with a  sword as Napoleon used to do. This is how the Prestige Des Sacres bottles created in honor of the ‘Royal Confraternity’ were born.

Today, this spirit of solidarity exists as the current commitment of the Confraternity. Each member’s registration fee and participation contributes to the social mission projects selected by the charity. In recent years, these have been linked to nature, supporting the local ONLUUS “Spiritus Mundi”, and a community of children living in an orphanage in Brazil.


Supporting artists and women

Just as our wines are carefully selected, we will foster and uplift our creative community, partnering with them to create limited editions, such as bottles, labels and gift packs. 

The art of gifting

Similarly, we will showcase local craftsmanship with packaging and products handmade by local artisans.

Ambre Studio x Villa Elena

Ambre Studio, led by Claudia Nattero, has developed the label for our limited edition Prosecco Lolita. Claudia Nattero, founder of Ambre is an Italian artist, born and raised by the Ligurian sea, today pursuing her dreams in Milan to work in fashion.

Coming from a family heritage of tailors she lived amongst fabrics and handmade men's garments in her grandfather's store. Creativity has continuously become a way of expressing herself, currently, this is portrayed through the production of theme events, working with clay, painting on canvas, and creating home decor objects.

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Villa Elena x Royal Confrerie

Christmas Dinner

A joyful celebration combining a delicious Christmas menu with a curated selection of our wines. Celebrating the avent of the festive season with a ‘cin cin’!

Villa Elena x Royal Confrerie

St. Vincent Event & Lunch

A traditional event coming from the Champagne region is giving us a great moment to celebrate our Cuvées and to raise funds for Villa Elena and Royal Confrerie Prestige des Sacres Social Mission programmes. And to continue with our traditional St. Vincent 'Sabrage' Tournament!

Villa Elena x Royal Confrerie

Autumn  Lunch  Sabers & Champagne

a Venetian lunch experience together with Champagne, Sabres and ROYALE CONFRERIE PRESTIGE DES SACRES.  In partnership with Taverna La Fenice, located in the heart of Venice just behind Fenice Theater,  we meet with Sabers for raising funds in favor of our Social Mission programs. Click here to find out more.

Villa Elena x Royal Confrerie

La Salute Lunch in Venice - November, 19th 2023

Join us on November 19th at Ristorante Taverna La Fenice in Venice. Villa Elena Wines, in partnership with ROYALE CONFRERIE PRESTIGE DES SACRES and their sabres, is hosting a charity lunch. Enjoy the finest wines, delectable cuisine, and help us raise funds for our social mission project. Make a difference with us. Reserve your seat today and click here to explore the exquisite menu! 

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