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Local knowledge & terriors

The concept of terroir has both practical and more ideological uses. From an ideological point of view, it serves the function of convincing the consumer about the authenticity of wines produced in specific areas. From a practical perspective, it helps to define the quality of a grape variety within specific conditions of the soil and weather.


Champagne: Homeland of the King of wines, champagne indeed! The heart of luxury winemaking and the place where Cuvées were first created. The History, the Elegance, the ability to grow vines and make wine at the northernmost limit (latitude 49.5 °) of vine cultivation (until this last decade as now  due to the rising global temperatures it is also vinified in the UK and in Nordic countries such as Sweden, Denmark and Norway). We source our Champagne range from Reims, the city where the kings of France were crowned, known for its full-bodied, aged Champagnes. 

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Steeped in history, Alsace was the first region to include the name of the vine in the label. Wines from this region are known for their perfume, minerality and longevity. Alsace is synonymous with Grand Crus, most of these are located in the Colmar area where we source a selection of our wines. 


From modern, organic Vignerons to classic Château Pinot Noirs, Bourgogne is beloved by wine enthusiasts the world over. Discover qualities unique to this Terroir with our carefully selected range, including Crémant Brut de Charvis, as well as other great white wines and renowned red wines.  

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On the gentle hills of the Veneto region, you’ll find Terre Trevigiane, full of Glera grape vineyards that produce the fresh and fragrant Prosecco the region is known for. We choose the very best Proseccos from this region, perfect for celebrating with, enjoying in good company and, of course, with a Spritz. 


Another great terroir in Veneto, Valpolicella produces a particularly precious wine, Amarone. The area is one of the most beautiful spots in Veneto with its mild climate, hilly terrain and vine-covered valleys. The area has been dedicated to the cultivation of winemaking for centuries thanks to its unique geography, including Amarone, Recioto, Valpolicella Ripasso, and Valpolicella Classico. 

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