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Champagne / Reims

Prestige des Sacres

Millesime Brut

50% Chardonnay, 50% Pinot Noir


Ripe fruit. Fullness. Harmony. Elegance.

This Champagne sees the round, full, ripe flavors, of black grapes fuse with refreshing white grapes, creating an experience that is beautifully complex with a fresh, distinctive ending. Or, as the Hachette Guide put it in 2005, "The Pinot Noir and Chardonnay contribute... roundness' its harmonious”.

It’s the perfect union of white and black grapes for a full dining experience and we're not the only ones who think so: "Excellence Award" in 2009 Vipalies Prix, competition of  French Oenologists. "Coup de Coeur" in the Hachette Guide, 2003.

This is a wine that pairs with everything, from meat, to fish, to spicy foods, to sweet dishes. It's a perfect bottle to store and pull out for dinner parties, festive celebrations, or as an aperitivo.


Formats: Bouteille: 0,75 lt. - Magnum: 1,5 lt. / 12% vol.


Award of Excellence, French winemakers competition, Vinalies 2009 ed.
Coup de Coeur, in the 2003 edition of Hachette Guide.

Citation in the Hachette Guide 2005.

Champagne Sélection PDS.png

Champagne / Reims

Prestige des Sacres

Sélection Brut

1/3 Chardonnay, 1/3 Pinot Noir, 1/3 Pinot

Balanced. Full-bodied. Round. Lively.

This is a wine that is a true sensory experience.  Fine bubbles dot the surface while the deep golden color brings you into a complex flavor palate. You'll experience plenty of body and a bouquet that lasts but there's also a delicacy to this wine, which creates an interesting paradox and a wonderful taste experience.

The way this wine has been balanced is a true testament to the art of winemaking.  The black grapes give roundness, fruity notes and body.  The Chardonnay provides the freshness and finesse.

Excellent as an aperitif with appetizers.  The 3 different grapes lend themselves well to any dish that includes a sauce, a reduction or a jelly, or as a nice counterweight to a cake containing cream and/or chocolate. Or pair with pasta or soup dishes, recipes with fried or grilled vegetables, and white meat dishes. Thanks to its elegance, it's ideal for marking an important event, at work or personal.

Formats: Demie: 0,375 lt. - Bouteille: 0.750 lt. - Magnum: 1.5 lt. / 12% Vol.

Silver Medal - Gilbert & Gaillard 2021 - 83/100 
Silver Medal - Vinordic 2020 
Guide Hachette des Vins 2020* 
Gold Medal - Prix + Plaisir - Bettane + Desseauve 2018 
Bronze Medal - DECANTER 2017 
Bronze Medal - IWSC 2017 
Silver Medal - Concours Général Agricole 2015 
Silver Medal - The International Wine Challenge 2015 
Gold Medal - Concours Général Agricole 2014 GOLD


Champagne / Reims

Prestige des Sacres

Réserve Spéciale Rosé Brut

Elegant. Lively. Structured. Aromatic.

As reviewed by the Sommelier World Champion Luca Gardini: "This wine has the typical characteristics of a great rosé champagne, it leave an impression thanks to its lightness and exuberant, lingering bubbles, with an apricot flavor and a finish of seaside notes. I would combine it with red prawns marinated in campari, with parsley and celeriac."

This cuvée is the union of several vintages of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier (vinified in white) and Chardonnay. It gets its unmistakable pink color with the addition of 15% wine vinified in red.  It is a wine that is recognized for its roundness, elegance, freshness and lingering, fine bubbles.

The color of this Champagne lends itself beautifully to an aperativo, or with risottos, seafood, fish, white and game meat, spicy foods, cheeses, pizza, and earthy-flavored vegetables, such as mushrooms.


Formats Demie: 0,375 lt. - Bouteille: 0,750 lt. - Magnum: 1.5 lt. / 12% Vol.

Gold Medal - Gilbert & Gaillard 2021- 89 / 100 
Silver Medal - Prix + Plaisir - Bettane + Desseauve 2019 
Silver Medal - International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) 2014 
Silver Medal - International Wine Challenge (IWC) 2013 
Scored 2 etoile from the 2003 Hachette Guide


Red / Veneto

Villa Elena

Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Riserva D.O.C.G.

55% Corvina, 30% Rondinella, 5% Molinara, 10% Local varieties.

Velvety. Spicy.  Fruity. Full-bodied. Intense.

This is an exceptional example of a manually harvested wine. The grapes are carefully selected to create a premium flavor experience that pairs beautifully with flavorsome foods — red meat, game, sauces, cheese, Asian cuisine, dark chocolate, as well as rice and risottos.

With round, velvety notes, this wine keeps unfolding as you taste, a mark of a special drop. Masterfully blended with flavors of plum, cherry and morello cherry, it will delight your palate with a variety of tones including dried fruit and tea leaves.

After harvesting at the end of September (depending on the vintage), the grapes are left to rest in the loft for 3 or 4 months. They're carefully spaced so that they dry in just the right way for pressing. The new wine is aged in oak barrels for a minimum period of 36 months.


Red / Veneto

Villa Elena

Ripasso della Valpolicella Classico D.O.C.G.

55% Corvina, 30% Rondinella, 5% Molinara, 5% Negrara / Pelara, 5% other local varieties.

Fruity. Full-bodied. Complex.

Ripasso is a unique wine from the northeast of Italy. It is known for its fruity complexity and this vintage does not disappoint. This deep ruby-red wine has a warm, full-bodied character with pleasant fragrances of berries, cherries, and sweet spices, which blend well with floral notes. You can find the faintest hints of musk and licorice, which add to this wine's nuanced complexity.


A wine like this one has been carefully vinified. The grape harvest is done manually and a second fermentation ensures a richness of flavor before refining in oak barrels for 24-36 months.


Red / Emilia Romagna

Palazzo Astolfi

Silvano Superiore La Riserva Romagna Sangiovese D.O.C.

Spicy. Small Summer Fruits. Special.

From a 25-year-old Sangiovese vine, with harvesting strictly by hand comes "Silvano", a totally unique Sangiovese wine from Romagna, Italy.

After an aging of no less than 24 months from the harvesting, the wine can be assigned to La Riserva line.


The intense ruby red color with violet tinges bring you into a fruity, spicy aroma. The tannic structure is soft and elegant in the mouth owing to the artisanal craftsmanship that went into this wine's vinification.

Drink this with hearty food: pasta, lasagne, game meat of all kinds, and aged cheeses.

Gewurztraminer trad.png

White / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Gewürztraminer Tradition

Intense. Fruity. Spicy.

This memorable drop is packed full of a very interesting intensity created from the blend of lychee and white flowers at the nose. In the mouth, it is persistent, balanced and round with floral notes that are enhanced at the end.

This is the kind of wine that is both compelling and charming. The fragrant aroma of flowers increases on the palate and is magnified at the end, while a certain freshness to the wine’s character manages to balance the intensity.

This golden, brightly reflecting wine is perfect as an aperitiv, elegant with cheese, ham and mozzarella or as a pairing with fish dishes.


White / Veneto

Eclissi L’una Bianca

Chardonnay I.G.T. delle Venezie

Floral. Citrus. Fullness.

Expect a refined taste to this Chardonnay, with its pleasantly floral, fruity bouquet. It has a rich fullness on the palate with a well-balanced acidity that brings out the notes of white flowers and wisteria.

You'll find that this Chardonnay has a long, intense aftertaste with citrus notes — a fantastic wine to have an aperitif, with appetizers and first courses, fish dishes, vegetables and slightly seasoned cheeses.

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