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Recommended serving temperature: 8-9° C

Formats: Demie: 0.375 lt. - Bouteille: 0.750 lt.- Magnum: 1,500 lt.

12% Vol.

Champagne | Prestige des Sacres | Sélection Brut

PriceFrom €18.50
Excluding VAT

Cuvée produced by the union of 1/3 Chardonnay, 1/3 Pinot Noir, 1/3 Pinot. Balanced.  Full-bodied.  Round. Lively.


This is a wine that is a true sensory experience.  Fine bubbles dot the surface while the deep golden color brings you into a complex flavor palate. You'll experience plenty of body and a bouquet that lasts but there's also a delicacy to this wine, which creates an interesting paradox and a wonderful taste experience.


The way this wine has been balanced is a true testament to the art of winemaking.  The black grapes give roundness, fruity notes and body.  The Chardonnay provides the freshness and finesse.


Excellent as an aperitif with appetizers.  The 3 different grapes lend themselves well to any dish that includes a sauce, a reduction or a jelly, or as a nice counterweight to a cake containing cream and/or chocolate. Or pair with pasta or soup dishes, recipes with fried or grilled vegetables, and white meat dishes. Thanks to its elegance, it's ideal for marking an important event, at work or personal.

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