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Recommended serving temperature: 8 ° C

Formats: Bouteille 0.75 lt. - Magnum 1.5 lt.

12% Vol.

Champagne | Prestige des Sacres | Millesime Brut 2013

PriceFrom €49.80
Excluding VAT


Ripe fruit.  Fullness.  Harmony.  Elegance.


This Champagne sees the round, full, ripe flavors, of black grapes fuse with refreshing white grapes, creating an experience that is beautifully complex with a fresh, distinctive ending. Or, as the Hachette Guide put it in 2005, "The Pinot Noir and Chardonnay contribute ... roundness' its harmonious”.


It’s the perfect union of white and black grapes for a full dining experience and we're not the only ones who think so: "Excellence Award" in 2009 Vipalies Prix, competition of  French Oenologists. "Coup de Coeur" in the Hachette Guide, 2003.


This is a wine that pairs with everything, from meat, to fish, to spicy foods, to sweet dishes. It's a perfect bottle to store and pull out for dinner parties, festive celebrations, or as an aperitivo.

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