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Recommended serving temperature: 8 °C

Bottle: 0,750 lt.

12% Vol.

Cave du Roi Dagobert | Gewürztraminer Tradition

PriceFrom €12.00
Excluding VAT

Intense. Fruity. Spicy.


This memorable drop is packed full of a very interesting intensity created from the blend of lychee and white flowers at the nose. In the mouth, it is persistent, balanced and round with floral notes that are enhanced at the end.



This is the kind of wine that is both compelling and charming. The fragrant aroma of flowers increases on the palate and is magnified at the end, while a certain freshness to the wine’s character manages to balance the intensity.



This golden, brightly reflecting wine is perfect as an aperitiv, elegant with cheese, ham and mozzarella or as a pairing with fish dishes.

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