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Champagne / Reims

Prestige des Sacres

Sélection Brut

Balanced.  Full-bodied.  Round. Lively.

This is a wine that is a true sensory experience.  Fine bubbles dot the surface while the deep golden color brings you into a complex flavor palate. You'll experience plenty of body and a bouquet that lasts but there's also a delicacy to this wine, which creates an interesting paradox and a wonderful taste experience.

The way this wine has been balanced is a true testament to the art of winemaking.  The black grapes give roundness, fruity notes and body.  The Chardonnay provides the freshness and finesse.

Excellent as an aperitif with appetizers.  The 3 different grapes lend themselves well to any dish that includes a sauce, a reduction or a jelly, or as a nice counterweight to a cake containing cream and/or chocolate. Or pair with pasta or soup dishes, recipes with fried or grilled vegetables, and white meat dishes. Thanks to its elegance, it's ideal for marking an important event, at work or personal.

Serving temperature: 8°/9° C.

Bottle: 0.375 1t. - 0.750 1t. - 1.500 1t. / 12% Vol.

Silver Medal - Gilbert & Gaillard 2021 - 83/100 
Silver Medal - Vinordic 2020 
Guide Hachette des Vins 2020* 
Gold Medal - Prix + Plaisir - Bettane + Desseauve 2018 
Bronze Medal - DECANTER 2017 
Bronze Medal - IWSC 2017 
Silver Medal - Concours Général Agricole 2015 
Silver Medal - The International Wine Challenge 2015 
Gold Medal - Concours Général Agricole 2014 GOLD

CUVEE 30_3.png

Champagne / Reims

Prestige des Sacres

Cuvée 30&3 Extra Brut

Fresh. Aromatic. Original. Complex. Gourmet 

This Cuvée, 30&3, tells a unique story of the place it was grown and its history. 3 Kings were crowned in Reims where the grapes are grown — 30 in the Cathedral and 3 in the Church of St Remi.


The Champagne is also made up of 30% Pinot Meunier, infused with the flavour of the oak barrels it was vinified in, and 70% Chardonnay.


Classed as an Extra Brut, with a Brut Nature of 3g/l , you will find this less sweet than traditional Bruts, “…a Champagne of absolute character, in its strength we can find a freshness which brings together an aromatic yet balanced experience,” according to Jean-Christophe, Chef de Cave.

Pair this wine with luxury foods such as dark chocolate, caviar, and oysters. It also goes well with truffles, mushrooms and game meat.

Technical characteristics: Aging time in cellars: more than 5 years. Rest time after bottling dégorgement:  between 6 months to 12 months.

Serving temperature: 9° C.

Bottle: 0,750 lt. / 12% Vol.


Red / Veneto

Villa Elena

Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Riserva D.O.C.G.

55% Corvina, 30% Rondinella, 5% Molinara, 10% Local varieties.

Velvety. Spicy. Fruity. Full-bodied. Intense.

This is an exceptional example of a manually harvested wine. The grapes are carefully selected to create a premium flavor experience that pairs beautifully with flavorsome foods — red meat, game, sauces, cheese, Asian cuisine, dark chocolate, as well as rice and risottos.

With round, velvety notes, this wine keeps unfolding as you taste, a mark of a special drop. Masterfully blended with flavors of plum, cherry and morello cherry, it will delight your palate with a variety of tones including dried fruit and tea leaves.

After harvesting at the end of September (depending on the vintage), the grapes are left to rest in the loft for 3 or 4 months. They're carefully spaced so that they dry in just the right way for pressing. The new wine is aged in oak barrels for a minimum period of 36 months.


Champagne / Reims

Prestige des Sacres

Cuvée Privilége Brut

Candied fruit. Flowers. Citrus.

The Cuvée Privilège is a 2008 vintage — the equal combination of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.  The long stay on the lees leads to a perfect synergy of the two berries.  Fine bubbles meet you and from the very first moment, the scent draws you into a sublime first sip.


Aromas of candied fruit and flowers, with notes of citrus fruits, make it an ideal and refined accompaniment to important events.


This also pairs extremely well with oysters and other types of seafood, fish, cheese, caviar, and as part of a full dining experience.


Red / Veneto

Villa Elena

Valpolicella Classico Superiore D.O.C.

55% Corvina, 30% Rondinella, 5% Molinara, 5% Negrara, Pelara, 5% Local autochthonous varieties.

Berries. Floral. Velvety.

Generations of winemakers come from the Negrar region, the terroir of this Valpolicella. You can taste the craftsmanship in the structure of this wine — it has a lovely elegance and velvety character.

The grapes were all harvested by hand. They were destemmed, pressed and left in the traditional maceration technique for 10 days in stainless steel vats. After the fermentation, the wine was softly pressed to separate it from the grape skins and refined in oak barrels for about 12 months.

Expect a "black forest" sensibility — in the red ruby color and the aroma of black cherry, blueberry and blackberry, as well as floral scents.

This wine pairs wonderfully with cheeses and dishes containing earthy-flavored vegetables such as mushrooms, asparagus and artichokes.


Red / Veneto

Eclissi L’una Rossa

Merlot I.G.T. delle Venezia

Berries. Mediterranean Spices. Softness.

This color of this delicious wine, ruby red and purple, lends itself well to the taste experience of raspberry, blackberry, and ripe cherry notes. You'll also find hints of Mediterranean spices in the finish adding a lovely complexity.

Enjoy the soft, velvet sensation with everything from grilled meats, roasts, baked fish, to medium-aged cheeses.


Red / Veneto

Villa Elena

Ripasso della Valpolicella Classico D.O.C.G.

Fruity. Full-bodied. Complex.

55% Corvina, 30% Rondinella, 5% Molinara, 5% Negrara / Pelara, 5% other local varieties.

Ripasso is a unique wine from the northeast of Italy. It is known for its fruity complexity and this vintage does not disappoint. This deep ruby-red wine has a warm, full-bodied character with pleasant fragrances of berries, cherries, and sweet spices, which blend well with floral notes. You can find the faintest hints of musk and licorice, which add to this wine's nuanced complexity.


A wine like this one has been carefully vinified. The grape harvest is done manually and a second fermentation ensures a richness of flavor before refining in oak barrels for 24-36 months.


Red / Veneto

Eclissi L’una Rossa

Cabernet I.G.T. delle Venezie

Intense. Spicy. Nuanced. Herbaceous.

You'll notice this wine's delightful color straight away — a bright ruby red with light purple reflections.

This is a red that has an excellently balanced structure. It is lively and rich with a great acidity and sapidity. A delicate, herbaceous scent and notes of wild berries balance notes of green pepper and spices.

It's a wine that is intense and rich in nuance, yet still maintains a softness that pairs well with many savoury dishes — pasta, boiled and grilled meats, roasts, game, and aged cheeses.


Red / Rimini

Palazzo Astolfi

Silvano Superiore La Riserva Romagna Sangiovese D.O.C.

Spicy. Small Summer Fruits. Special.

From a 25-year-old Sangiovese vine, with harvesting strictly by hand comes "Silvano", a totally unique Sangiovese wine from Romagna, Italy.

After an aging of no less than 24 months from the harvesting, the wine can be assigned to La Riserva line.


The intense ruby red color with violet tinges bring you into a fruity, spicy aroma. The tannic structure is soft and elegant in the mouth owing to the artisanal craftsmanship that went into this wine's vinification.

Drink this with hearty food: pasta, lasagne, game meat of all kinds, and aged cheeses.

Bottle: 0.750 lt. / 14.50% vol.

Recommended serving temperature: 14-16 °C


Red / Veneto

Palazzo Astolfi

Silvano Superiore Romagna Sangiovese D.O.C.

Small summer fruits. Harmonious.

From a 25-year-old Sangiovese vine, with harvesting strictly by hand comes "Silvano", a totally unique Sangiovese wine from Romagna, Italy.

This is the kind of wine that's a cut above your usual wine. It doesn't need a special occasion to enjoy it but taking the time to savor the symphony of aromas and flavors is truly worthwhile.

The nice ruby red color with violet tinges bring you into a fruity aroma and a harmonic taste experience. The tannic structure is soft and elegant in the mouth owing to the artisanal craftsmanship that went into this wine's vinification.


Drink this with hearty food: pasta, lasagna, game meat charcuterie, and medium-aged cheeses.

Bottle: 0.750 lt. / 14% vol.

Recommended serving temperature: 14 °C

Pinot gris Trad.png

White / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Pinot Gris Tradition

Gold Medal Colmar

Fruity.  Smoky.  Velvety.

This Pinot Gris has fantastic structure, you can easily feel its smooth wide, elegance on the palate.  The clear, crystal colour takes on the slightest hint of rose, adding visual dimension — a unique characteristic for a Pinot Gris. You'll find a ripe fruitiness to this wine apricot and melon and the bouquet rounds out with the light, woody smoking notes with aromas of the forest floor — mushrooms, forest strawberries, moss, and berries.

It was selected by a jury of Professional Oenologists, winning the Gold Medal 2003 for its "indisputable organoleptic qualities".

A full, unctuous mouth creates a luxurious structure and taste experience. Drink this with vegetables or appetizers of cold cuts, cheeses and finger food. It also works beautifully with risottos, first courses, soups, traditional fried foods and fried courgette, acacia and elderberry flowers.

Pinot Gris Sélection de Grains Nobles.png

White / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Pinot Gris Sélection de Grains Nobles

Fresh. Honey. Candied fruits.

On the nose, there is an intense scent of fir and acacia honey that is a wonderful accompaniment to this wine's golden honey color and golden reflections. The grapes are sourced from carefully pre-selected vineyard plots, creating a very special wine.

It's very broad and complex on the palate beginning with an inviting freshness, which is then embellished with expressive notes of candied fruits and a hint of honey at the end.

This is a wine that will engage you with its elegance and finesse. Its grapes were carefully selected and harvested at higher maturity, giving the wine its complex and unique sweetness.

To be preserved preciously in the cellar, to appreciate its longevity. Try this wine with pumpkin risotto, foie gras, macarons, dessert, fish, or as an aperitif.


White / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Gewürztraminer Selection de Grains Nobles

Honey. Candied Fruit. Spicy.

The ultimate Gewurztraminer, this wine is only produced in certain years when the conditions are exactly right to produce a wine of this exceptional calibre. The grapes are sourced from carefully pre-selected vineyard plots, creating a very special wine.

This wine has arresting flavors of honey and candied fruit. This is a wine that really takes you on a journey, starting with a very powerful, fruity palate and drawing you through to sweet and spicy flavors, then finishing with a complexity that slowly develops.

This wine is one to be cherished. It is a Sélection de Grains Nobles, the highest official category for late harvest wines from Alsace. Savor it on a special occasion as an aperitif or with a beautiful dessert or dark chocolate.  Or, preserve it in the cellar and experience the taste evolution that occurs as it is aged more and more.

Serving temperature: 8° C.

Bottle: 0,500 lt. / 13,5% Vol.

Gold Medal Colmar 2021

Gewurtztraminer Wolxheim.png

White / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Riesling Grand Cru Altenberg Wolxheim

Balanced. Floral. Fruity.

The intense yellow, color tells you about the maturity of this Riesling, derived from the Wolxheim fault field of the Alsace region. This area, and its mineral subsoil is known for creating wines that have great ageing potential and a powerful and harmonious body.

Expect a succession of notes at the nose: floral, yellow peach, apricot, pear. These bring you through to a fresh, delicate taste with traces of the floral and fruity aromas. The Riesling closes with a beautiful note of minerality that lingers.

You can drink this Riesling with all kinds of flavorsome dishes: Chinese hotpot, oysters, bouillabaisse, caviar, sauerkraut, couscous, flambé prawns, mussels, zander, sweet and salted desserts.

Gewurtztraminer Wolxheim.png

White / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Gewürztraminer Grand Cru Altenberg de Wolxhein

Complex. Exotic. Luxurious.

A wine that will tempt safe and adventurous palates alike, the complexity in this Gewurztraminer is a testament to its terroir. Located in the Wolxheim fault area of Alsace, the subsoil of fine-grained minerals and pebbles result in a powerful flavor.

At the nose, you'll sense a slightly fruity aroma of lychee and elderberry, as well as exotic fruit. It's very fresh at the palate but also finishes with notes of spices and cinnamon — a harmonious complexity that required great finesse from the winemakers.

Pair this with something luxurious: foie gras, duck breast, game meats, brie and extra-aged cheese, fruit desserts, and dark chocolate.


White / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Gewürztraminer Cave Historique Hospice Strasbourg

Aromatic. Vibrant. Spicy.

There is something really special about this wine: its ageing is done in oak barrel in the Cave Historique of the Hospice of Strasbourg, which give this wine its uniquely rich color. Ageing in this Cave is a privilege only granted to select wines believed to have exceptional taste potential.

This is a very selective production, endorsed by Alsace Oenologists. The aroma and taste are typical of a Gewurztraminer.  Exotic, floral and spicy notes create a vibrant, energetic taste journey, ending on the palate in a well rounded taste experience.

Pair with aperitif food, desserts, and earthy-flavored vegetables, such as mushrooms and artichokes, asparagus.  Or, let the spicier and fresher notes become more vivid and satisfying with Asian cuisine, as well as fresh or aged cheese.


White / Veneto

Eclissi L'una Bianca

Tai I.G.T. delle Venezie

Wildflowers. Sweet Almond. Aromatic Herbs.

This is an interesting wine, full of complexity, but one which doesn't overpower a meal. Its bouquet is intense and delicate, with hints of wildflowers, yellow apple, sweet almond and notes of fresh aromatic herbs.

It has a lingering freshness owing to its slightly mineral, balanced acidity. Pair this wine with asparagus, fish, shellfish, risotto, spaghetti, or a herby omelette. It also works wonderfully with Parma ham and finger food, or to accompany a cheese platter.

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