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Recommended serving temperature: 14 °C

Bottle: 0.750 lt.

12,5% Vol.

Eclissi | L’una Rossa Cabernet I.G.T. delle Venezie

PriceFrom €4.70
Excluding VAT

Intense. Spicy. Nuanced. Herbaceous.


You'll notice this wine's delightful color straight away — a bright ruby red with light purple reflections.


This is a red that has an excellently balanced structure. It is lively and rich with a great acidity and sapidity. A delicate, herbaceous scent and notes of wild berries balance notes of green pepper and spices.


It's a wine that is intense and rich in nuance, yet still maintains a softness that pairs well with many savoury dishes — pasta, boiled and grilled meats, roasts, game, and aged cheeses.

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