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Recommended serving temperature: 8 °C

Bottle: 0,750 lt.

13.5% Vol.

Cave du Roi Dagobert | Gewürztraminer Sélection de Grains Nobles

PriceFrom €68.90
Excluding VAT

Honey. Candied Fruit. Spicy.


The ultimate Gewurztraminer, this wine is only produced in certain years when the conditions are exactly right to produce a wine of this exceptional calibre. The grapes are sourced from carefully pre-selected vineyard plots, creating a very special wine.


This wine has arresting flavors of honey and candied fruit. This is a wine that really takes you on a journey, starting with a very powerful, fruity palate and drawing you through to sweet and spicy flavors, then finishing with a complexity that slowly develops.


This wine is one to be cherished. It is a Sélection de Grains Nobles, the highest official category for late harvest wines from Alsace. Savor it on a special occasion as an aperitif or with a beautiful dessert or dark chocolate.  Or, preserve it in the cellar and experience the taste evolution that occurs as it is aged more and more.

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