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White / Alsace

Cave du Roi Dagobert

Gewürztraminer Le Jardin de Dagobert Organic

Rose. Dried Flowers. Exotic fruit. Natural.


This organic Gerwurztraminer's golden yellow color, transports you to "le Jardin" with its luxuriously delicate flavor bouquet.  Enjoy the fragrance of yellow rose, dried flowers, exotic fruits, and lychee.


A fresh, honest, drop, the taste evolves and brings you into an elegant journey until the very last note of rose petals.


The grapes in this organic range, "le Jardin de Dagobert", are sourced from vignerons who only use all-natural products in their vineyard.  The wines are made following the European ordinance for organic viticulture.


This is the kind of complex bouquet that goes perfectly with cheese and charcuterie, cakes and desserts.

Recommended serving temperature: 7 °C

Bottle: 0,750 lt. / 13% Vol.

GerwurztraminerJardin Trebogad bio 2018.png

White / Alsace

Cave du Roi Dagobert

Gewürztraminer Jardin de Trebogad Organic

Fresh. Lychee. Rose petals.


This golden yellow Organic Gewürztraminer with its striking yellow reflections has a certain complexity to it, with notes of lychee, rose and dried flowers at the nose.


At the palate, it is fresh with an honest, frank start. It has a sense of elegance at the center of the mouth that rounds out into very fine notes of rose petals to finish. This wine is made from organic grapes, certified FR-BIO-01.


Suggestions for pairing: aperitif, cocktail dinner, fruit dessert, international cuisine such as spicy food, Asian food, Middle Eastern, curried mussels, vegetables, cheeses, and kougelbopf.

Recommended serving temperature: 8° C

Bottle: 0,750 lt. / 13% Vol.

Pinot Gris Sélection de Grains Nobles.png

White / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Pinot Gris Sélection de Grains Nobles

Fresh. Honey. Candied fruits.

On the nose, there is an intense scent of fir and acacia honey that is a wonderful accompaniment to this wine's golden honey color and golden reflections. The grapes are sourced from carefully pre-selected vineyard plots, creating a very special wine.

It's very broad and complex on the palate beginning with an inviting freshness, which is then embellished with expressive notes of candied fruits and a hint of honey at the end.

This is a wine that will engage you with its elegance and finesse. Its grapes were carefully selected and harvested at higher maturity, giving the wine its complex and unique sweetness.

To be preserved preciously in the cellar, to appreciate its longevity. Try this wine with pumpkin risotto, foie gras, macarons, dessert, fish, or as an aperitif.

Recommended serving temperature: 8°C

Bottle: 0,500 lt. / 12% Vol.


White / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Pinot Gris Jardin de Trebogad Organic

Sweet. Floral. Smoky.

This certified organic wine (FR-BIO-01) has a lovely balance of sweet and smoky. It has a beautiful sun-ripened pale yellow color that lends itself well to the lightness and finesse of this wine.

Floral notes of rose petals and dried fruit and a slight smoky scent are present on the nose. The mouth is sweet with a pleasant softness that leads to savory notes in the finish.

Pair this wine with appetizers, duck, beef carpaccio, frog, zander, leek quiche, fondue.

Recommended serving temperature: 8-10 °C

Bottle: 0,750 lt. / 13% Vol


White / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Gewürztraminer Sélection de Grains Nobles

Honey. Candied Fruit. Spicy.

The ultimate Gewurztraminer, this wine is only produced in certain years when the conditions are exactly right to produce a wine of this exceptional calibre. The grapes are sourced from carefully pre-selected vineyard plots, creating a very special wine.

This wine has arresting flavors of honey and candied fruit. This is a wine that really takes you on a journey, starting with a very powerful, fruity palate and drawing you through to sweet and spicy flavors, then finishing with a complexity that slowly develops.

This wine is one to be cherished. It is a Sélection de Grains Nobles, the highest official category for late harvest wines from Alsace. Savor it on a special occasion as an aperitif or with a beautiful dessert or dark chocolate.  Or, preserve it in the cellar and experience the taste evolution that occurs as it is aged more and more.

Recommended serving temperature: 8 °C

Bottle: 0,750 lt. / 13.5% Vol.

Gold Medal Colmar 2021

Pinot Blanc Slection.png

White / Alsace

Cave de Roi Dagobert

Pinot Blanc Sélection

Ripe fruit. Sweet. Yellow flowers. Balanced.

This Pinot Bianco from the Sélection range is vinified with carefully selected grapes, chosen from vineyards curated by the winery's oenologist.

The bright, crystal gold appearance gives way to aromas of yellow flowers, white peaches and apricots. On the palate it is fresh and frank, balanced with aromas of ripe fruit.

There's a sweetness to the finish that lingers beautifully and pairs well with savory foods: vol-au-vent, salmon croutons, cold cuts, grilled fish, capon, roast veal, onion pie.


Recommended serving temperature: 8-9 °C

Bottle: 0,750 lt. / 13% Vol.

Gold Medal Paris 2020


White / Veneto

Eclissi L’una Bianca

Tai I.G.T. delle Venezie

Wildflowers. Sweet Almond. Aromatic Herbs.

This is an interesting wine, full of complexity, but one which doesn't overpower a meal. Its bouquet is intense and delicate, with hints of wildflowers, yellow apple, sweet almond and notes of fresh aromatic herbs.

It has a lingering freshness owing to its slightly mineral, balanced acidity. Pair this wine with asparagus, fish, shellfish, risotto, spaghetti, or a herby omelette. It also works wonderfully with Parma ham and finger food, or to accompany a cheese platter.

Recommended serving temperature: 10-12 °C

Bottle: 0,750 lt. / 13% Vol.

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