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Recommended serving temperature: 7-8° C

Bouteille: 0,750 lt.

11% Vol.

Solar Agnese | Cuvée La Vié en Rosé Extra Dry

PriceFrom €7.80
Excluding VAT

Glera 85 % - 15% Pinot Noir.
Sophisticated. Lovable. Fresh.

This North-East Italian Cuvée Rosé is a delightfully balanced, fresh-tasting wine.  Its fine bubbles, dreamy pink color and sophisticated aroma make it the perfect aperitivo and a great match with cakes.  It also works beautifully with pizza and other traditional dishes, also great with Asian and Middle East cousines.  It has structure without being too invasive.  The right acidity balances the palate and which gives longevity to the wine and lends it to these savory dishes.

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