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Recommended serving temperature: 8-9° C

Formats: Demie: 0,375 lt. – Bouteille: 0,750 lt. – Magnum: 1,500 lt. 
Big Sizes formats: Jéroboam: 3 lt. - Mathusalem: 6 lt.price on request

12% Vol.

Champagne | Ch. de L'Auche | Sélection Brut

PriceFrom €18.50
Excluding VAT

Round. Fruity. Intense.


You can taste the wisdom and skill of the winemakers of the Reims region in this Brut. All of the grapes in this wine are only taken from the first two presses, creating a bouquet that has remained consistent over the years. It has more vintages in union and the second fermentation is arranged for more years, on its yeast.


This Blanc de Noirs has a luxuriously round, fruity character owing to the 85% Pinot Meunier. The 15% Pinot Noir adds a vivid taste experience, giving the wine a strength and merit that can easily be enjoyed with game meat and cheese, as well as aperitive and starters.

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