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Recommended serving temperature: 8° C

Bottle: 0.750 lt.

12% Vol.

Champagne | Prestige des Sacres | Blanc de Blancs Brut

PriceFrom €45.80
Excluding VAT

Light. Elegant. Mineral.


This wine, appreciated by the most refined palates, is made only from Chardonnay grapes.  It is recognized by its lightness, its elegance and the finesse of its bouquet.  It was mentioned in the 2002 Hachette Guide.


This wine makes a perfect pairing for aperitifs, it balances with earthy notes (asparagus, artichokes, onion, mushrooms, truffles) or fish dishes, especially shellfish, and starchy dishes, such as pasta, baked goods, fried food, and desserts.

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