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Recommended serving temperature: 8-10 °C

Bottle: 0,750 lt.

12% Vol.

Cave du Roi Dagobert | Gewürztraminer Sélection

PriceFrom €14.90
Excluding VAT

Candied oranges. Citrus. Exotic fruits.


The delightful scent of this wine will meet you immediately and transport you to beautiful Alsace. This is a faithful example of a Gewürztraminer from the Alsace region, right down to its stunning clear, golden yellow color.


The structure is generous and the wine is embellished with notes of exotic fruits, citrus, and candied oranges.


These flavors are wonderful when paired with Asian dishes, such as Chinese or Thai, as well as starchy dishes (like rice), vegetables, or simply as an aperitif. The strength of the sweet fruits has the ability to bring strong flavored dishes into balance and create a very special dining experience.

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