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Recommended serving temperature: 8° C

Bouteille: 0.750 1t.

12% Vol.

Brut de Charvis | Crémant Rosé Methode Traditionelle

PriceFrom €14.50
Excluding VAT

Fresh. Fruity. Bouncy.


This Cuvée Rosé made of Pinot Noir and Gamay makes a statement to any event with its bold, pink color.


Your senses will instantly be activated by the generous perlage released in the glass.


There's a distinct freshness and fruitiness at the nose, which lingers and unfolds as you taste the wine.


Refreshing and full in the mouth, the flavor of ripe stone fruit, wraps around your taste buds, leaving you with a beautiful, rounded taste experience.


It's perfect as an aperitif paired with some beautiful appetizers. It is also a great match with street food, earthy flavored vegetables and truffles.

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