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A Bottle of Wine + a Spark of Adventure

With tours throughout the region, wine tastings and food pairings, we will share irresistible flavour experiences and help people create delightful stories and lifelong memories along the way.

We transport the slower, more conscious approach to life that comes from being in touch with nature and the magic of vineyards. Being mindful of where something comes from right through to being conscious of what indulgence looks like.

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Villa Elena Events

Pairing wine with food is one of the most beautiful experiences of the wine journey. With Villa Elena, you’ll go one step further, going to the very heart of where the wine you are drinking is created. Close the circle of knowing a wine and its Terroir by enjoying a wine expertly paired with a chef’s creation in a local restaurant. Meet with wine authors, such as Professor Francesco Spagnolli, visit the cellars of a cycling champion, take a Historic Car Tour through wine country, or get to know the winemaking craft intimately in one of the many cellar’s of the region.

Sign up to our events which include dinners, launches and special events in collaboration with Royal Confrerie. During these events we delight our guests with the art of Sabrage while also encourage fund raising to support the several social mission programs supported by Villa Elena.
You are always welcome for a visit to our offices or for a meet up during Vinitaly to discover the latest additions to our range.


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"It is always about passion, the leading force that gives us the willingness to know more and that attracts other people to love what we do. Passion drives us to discover and to share the love of wine through direct experiences"

Tours & moments

Dive into the heart of the Alsace, Burgundy, and Champagne wine regions with specially organized visits to cellars and vineyards with locals and guides. Discover famous places and get off the beaten track to explore local boutiques. And, of course, end the day with a phenomenal dinner experience that will alight all of your senses.
Discover first-hand how terroirs bring the magic of a glass of wine to a whole new level. Tread where the very best in the wine industry have gone before, the A.I.S. (Italian Sommelier Association) Delegation of Venice, Treviso and Rovigo, and LIONS INTERNATIONAL of Spinea / Mestre (VE) have all enjoyed similar experiences.

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