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Handmade in Venice, Italy.

Crafted in small artisanal workshops in Venetian area, precious woods are selected, milled and air-dried before being hand crafted into the tableware.


We support small artisans, who keep the art of local craftsmanship in their hands and ensure these wooden boards are strong and stable, unlikely to warp or split and only getting better with age and usage. Each board has been carefully cut, shaped and sanded from one single piece of wood to ensure the smoothest surface and finally the creation of these beautiful serving boards. A great way for carrying breads and canapés to the table.


Each board is unique and shows the natural qualities of wood. Some have small knots or striations across the surface which differ from the photos shown here. None of these affect the structure of the wood.


Serve up smoked salmon, cheese or meats.


Care info: wipe clean only & dry straight away. Not suitable tor dishwashers or immersing in water.


Excluding VAT

L. 60 cm, W. 15 cm

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